About Us

Junk Studios was born from a passion of creativity, fashion and accessibility. We started this business with those three pillars, and although we both believe that corporate jargon is awful, we found it a great way to steer the brand in a way that was true to us. 

We are Lauren and Adam, two hustling artists from Melbourne who are tried and true millennial's. Passionate about the environment, a progressive government and too creative for capitalism. Tired of trying to change an industry from the outside, we decided it was time to infiltrate.

The journey began in 2018 and let me tell you, it was really fucking hard. But thanks to an incredibly supportive community and lots of hard work, we found our way and our vision came to life. 

Junk is made in Australia. Our manufacturer Meg Parry has helped us bring this business to life. We work with surplus fabrics, meaning that we make small quantities and when there is left over fabric, we turn that into extra garments or fabric bags. We also print all our own designs. Series 1 print was created by Adam, inspired by his muse Lauren. We did a screen printing workshop with local artist Abbey Rich and we set up our home studio (bedroom) to start working. 

We believe in collaboration, local community, slow fashion and accessibility. Junk will forever be growing and progressing and we cannot wait to introduce more products to cater for a wider audience.